International I Love Santa Day – 25th June 2018.

International I Love Santa Day

The first every International I Love Santa Day, It was the 2nd the of January 2018 when Nigel Harvey, (actor/performer, fat bald bloke), was having a chat to Celebrity Santa (the real Santa, large rotund white bearded bloke) about Christmas. They had become good friends since Nigel had been a little boy. Nigel was on the Naughty list more than the Nice List. Even at one time getting the Nickname Naughty Nigel, but Santa knew that his heart was in the right place and did try to make people laugh with his puppet shows.  Santa was concerned that more people than ever were having to work on Christmas Eve and

International I Love Santa Day

International I Love Santa Day –  25th June 2018.

Christmas Day from all different walks of life, from different religions and cultures to make sure that people who were celebrating the birth of Jesus were having the best Christmas possible. People working in the catering industry, entertainment industry, retail, and of course our heroes of the emergency services and the armed forces There is also all the performers who had helped Santa by dressing as him and creating happiness, magic, love, and joy for children and their families all around the world.

Santa and Nigel decided that they should have a special day to say thank you

……To be continued!!!

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