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PRESS RELEASE - 25TH April 2018.

International I Love Santa Day

International I Love Santa Day, It’s not really about Santa, It’s not really about Christmas it’s about spreading joy and happiness with friends, relatives, and co-workers. Are you Christmas crazy? Do you get excited when you meet Santa and you still believe in the magic as a grown up!  International I Love Santa Day may be just the day you've been waiting for!

How it all started.

After a busy Christmas Season in 2017 Nigel Harvey the founder of International I Love Santa Day was having a chat with Celebrity Santa (The Real Santa Claus) co-founder of I Love Santa Day, are you following so far?  ...good!

Celebrity Santa expressed his concerns about how many people still had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in all kinds of different sectors, from all different religions and cultures to ensure that others who were celebrating the birth of Jesus and the festive season were having the best day ever. This included people working in the catering industry, entertainment industry, retail, and of course our heroes of the emergency services.

Celebrity Santa also mentioned all the millions of helpers worldwide who would dress as him to spread the love, magic, and joy to children of all ages 1 to 101. Many from communities who sacrificed the whole of December to be Santa Claus. We decided that we should have a special day to say "Thank you"!A day set aside for them. Nigel mentioned that some families from around the world who for whatever reason couldn͛t get together for Christmas Day were getting together on 25th June to celebrate Halfway to Christmas.  Celebrity Santa thought that was a great idea.  Why don't we combine halfway to Christmas and a thank you to all the performers and actors that portray you and call it National I Love Santa Day, No it needs to be bigger than that lets have International I love Santa Day said Santa We could also raise some money and awareness of the Henry Allen Trust.

The Henry Allen Trust

The Henry Allen Trust work very closely with children who have been diagnosed with cancer and help and support their families. They are a very small charity and could do with some much-needed funds to continue Henry's Legacy by bringing help and happiness to people affected by childhood cancer. Nigel suggested creating a donation page and that people who had met Celebrity Santa in person or just loved what the Henry Allen Trust did for the community could pledge money. So this is what happened and 25th June 2018 is the first official International I Love Santa Day.

How To Get Involved

● You might want to organise your family Halfway to Christmas meal at home with all the trimmings.
● Put up Christmas Decorations.
● Give loved one gifts or get Santa himself to drop by with some presents.
● Do a secret Santa at work.
● Have a fancy-dress party - Dress as Santa himself.
● Go around giving presents to ever

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